What are the advantages of Medicare Advantage plan?

When you combine your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in an Advantage Plan you can transfer it to the private insurance company of your choice. These companies are contracted to Medicare to provide the equivalent coverage. Many have little to no cost, what you pay for your part B pays for it.
Unlike Medicare original plans, Medicare Advantage plans offer to limit your ‘out of pocket’ expenses. This allows you to consider a ‘worst case’ scenario.
With a Medicare Advantage plan, you have more freedom to choose a plan with the best co-payments based on your needs.
With Medicare Advantage Plans you can establish a single point of contact for all your health insurance needs including prescription drugs.
Most Medicare Advantage plans are managed through a network of contracted healthcare providers, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). You choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to coordinate your medical and care needs. Depending on your plan you may select your current physician or a more appropriate doctor based on your current needs.

Medicare Advantage Plans generally offer better value either in terms of lower monthly premiums or improved benefits.  In addition to the benefits you would receive from an Original Medicare plan, your Medicare Advantage plan can include prescription drug coverage (otherwise known as Medicare Part D), routine dental and vision care.